Replacing a Paper-based Order Process with an App

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Replacing a Paper-based Order Process with an App



To order production equipment on short notice from a service provider, a fax was sent, acknowledged, faxed back and signed off after fulfillment of the order, and then faxed one more time. In the end, everything had to be typed manually to create an invoice.


A hybrid app was developed that allows production staff to initiate short-notice special orders to a service provider. The service provider, as well as the department head, both have a website on their PCs where they can see, change and confirm orders in real time. With the press of a button, a monthly statement can be automatically generated.


Cost Savings: The new digital process has eliminated thousands of pages of paper per month. Time Savings: The new process works in real time, eliminating the need to type and edit forms. Invoices are generated automatically. Transparency: Each participant sees the current status of an order and those responsible can review a monthly overview.


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