How to save money with a chatbot

Often support staff is blocked by answering the same easy questions day by day. This is annoying and uses expensive resources.
You can free up resources in your support team by setting up a chatbot on your homepage. Save money and leverage the customer experience on your website.
After a short training it can answer all questions and can do more complex things like picking up an order as well.
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alphaQuest Chatbot,

Chatbot for First-Level Support


The support hotline was heavily used with many simple and recurring questions. Customers did not like to use the FAQs section.


Based on artificial intelligence algorithms, a chatbot was created and integrated into the website: The chatbot can answer the most common questions, such as those related to registration, prices and plans. The system learns more over time.


Cost Savings: The costs for the support hotline were reduced significantly. As the system is constantly learning, after a few weeks there were almost no general questions that could not be answered.It also benefits users: they get answers to their questions right away, without having to email or call.


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